LOVEHERFEET VIDEO, LOVE HER FEET FREE TUBE I've been into women's feet since I was a young boy. I remember our neighbor's milf would come to our house to talk with my mom. The lady was always wearing open toed shoes and had a perfect red pedicure. The woman had an ankle bracelet and sometimes a toe ring as well. (I guess her guy had a foot fetish too, or at least I'd like to think the man did). While gossiping with my mother and dangling her heels she would catch me staring at her toes and say "Oh c'mon eat my feet!" Soon I realized I'm checking out women's feet all the time and I had even memorized the shape and look of the feet of all the ladies and girls in our town.
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Foot fetish, the latest trend among erotic parties. The main rule is to be attracted to feet in any of its modalities, such as trampling that consists of walking on a body. In this footfetish website they talked about the "sexual mind". Later they commented on the news of Foot Fetish parties, events for foot fetishists, a fashion that is booming, according to some experts in the field. Until now in the continental Europe this fetishism was carried in private, contrary to what happens in countries like Brazil, the United States or the United Kingdom where private clubs are becoming fashionable in which parties called Foot Fetish are organized, places where models show their feet to men who spend a lot of money to let themselves be stepped on. At these parties there are foot games, human carpets, massage sessions, erotic toy demonstrations, talks and workshops on fetishism, the portal reports. The most important rule is that those who attend must be attracted to feet in any of their modalities, such as trampling, that is, walking on a body to give and receive pleasure. Another rule at these parties is that there must be a good atmosphere, respect and open-mindedness.